Health advice and support

Slade Pharmacy customers benefit from the expertise that Slade delivers to major hospitals around Australia. Our Pharmacists are available to provide advice and support on all health issues including the specific health topics listed below


IVF support
Our Pharmacists provide support to patients on their IVF journey. We understand the unique nature of IVF treatments and the importance one-on-one support can provide. Our long standing partnership with Monash IVF puts us at the forefront of providing you with the best advice and care.



Mother and Baby
Our Pharmacy teams are committed to delivering quality care and health advice from pre-conception – conception – pregnancy to birth. We stock an extensive range of speciality products to assist you in your journey as a mother to be.

For new mums we offer personalised advice and support on topics such as breast feeding, options for breast pump hire, nipple care as well as compression aids for extra support and circulation.

For baby we have a complete range of bottles, teets, dummies, skin care products and helpful advice on bathing and teething. Plus we stock PureBaby clothing- organic, fashionable and functional.


Compression Aids
Slade Pharmacy offers a range of medical grade compression garments and hosiery for vascular insufficiency, lymphedemas and Pregnancy with brands such as Venosan, Solodea and SRC.

We offer a large range of products to best suit your needs. We also offer a made to measure service for those customers who require sizes outside of the off the shelf products. Our staff are fully trained both in advice and the measurement techniques to ensure you receive the product that is right for your individual needs.

We also range products to assist in the fitting and removal of compression aids. Our trained team will show you the best methods to ensure you get the most out of your compression aid.


Sleep Apnoea advice and supply
We range some of the world’s best CPAP and APAP machines with brands such as Resmed®, Phillips®, Fisher & Paykel® and Somnilink®. Partnering with the Epworth Sleep Clinic we provide professional care, support and supply of all of your Sleep Apnoea needs including pumps, masks, accessories and maintenance products.


Diabetes Support Program
Slade Pharmacy Diabetes Support assists people who’ve been medically diagnosed with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

As a registered ‘Access Point’ for the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS), we stock a range of diabetes-related products, some of which we may be able to supply at subsidised prices.

Administered by Diabetes Australia, the NDSS is an initiative of the Australian Government to help make diabetes-related products more accessible and provide diabetes-related products at subsidised prices. Subsidised products include blood glucose testing strips, pen needles, syringes and urine testing strips/tablets.

To take advantage of the NDSS scheme visit one of our stores today to register.


Wound Care advice and supply

Critical to wound care and management is the use of the correct dressing. We stock a comprehensive range of advanced wound care products for both acute and chronic wound including:

  • Gauzes, dressings, hydrogels and cavity fillers
  • Strapping and taping
  • Specialised nutritional supplements to support the healing of chronic wounds.
  • Scar healing treatments

Please speak to our pharmacists for assistance.


Rehabilitation, Home Health Care and Mobility Aids
We have a range of products available for hire or purchase including:

  • Walking sticks, frames and rollators
  • Crutches – Large range to suit all heights
  • Toilet aids
  • Specialist Compression garments
  • Aids to daily living


Stop Smoking advice and supply
Want to give up smoking for good? Measure the levels of carbon monoxide in your bloodstream with a Smokerlyser® test in-store.

Repeat the test every month while you stop smoking and watch your CO levels decrease to normal healthy limits.

Your Slade Pharmacist is here to provide helpful advice and support on your journey to quit for good.


Specialised Nutrition advice and supply

We stock a broad range of hospital-grade nutritional supplements and meal replacements to meet a variety of needs. These include supplements for the elderly, post-operative patients, those with swallowing difficulties and patients with diabetes.

We stock the following specialised brands:

  • Nestlé

– Sustagen® – high-energy nutrition for a range of conditions including chronic illness, loss of appetite, unintentional weight loss and rehabilitation after surgery

– Resource® – a nutritional supplement for the management of malnutrition and other conditions with increased nutritional needs

– Resource Diabetic® – supplementary nutrition specially formulated for patients with diabetes

– Arginaid® – supplementary nutrition to support wound therapy and promote wound healing

  • Ensure Plus® – concentrated calories and protein to help patients gain or maintain a healthy weight
  • TwoCal HN® – calorie and protein-dense nutrition to assist with weight gain or maintenance, particularly in the elderly
  • Flavour Creations® – innovative specialist food and drink products developed to improve the lives of thousands suffering from dysphagia and malnutrition.