Our team will walk the equestrian path alongside you.

Equestrian is an extremely difficult and competitive sport. You need the team, resources, and belief in order to actualise your goals. The Hadassah Park community is here to support and be with you along the path.

We tailor our services to your needs and goals every time – but here’s an overview of our expertise and offerings.

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Presence for peak performance coaching

Presence for peak performance coaching focus on developing the ability to maintain presence in high intensity environments. This skill is the foundation for a successful life and is imperative to high performance.

We create a holistic training plan which yes focus on the riding but also coaches the person individually. We learn about your limiting beliefs and work to reduce them while actualizing your goals.

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Horsemanship and Riding Assistance

Need help with your riding skills, horse training – or both? At our Mornington Peninsula facility, we can support you with:

  • Basic horse care
  • Young horse training
  • Dressage for jump training
  • Ring technique
  • Show assistance

Your horse will be trained together with our top competition horses. And you can rest assured that we’ll treat your horse like our very own.

We’ll work closely with you and ensure that you’re always up to date with your horse’s progress and performance.

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Breeding Consultancy

Pairing stallion and mare is an artform. One that needs eye and experience to get it right. To achieve the best results, it helps to know the current offspring and stallion performance in Europe. And we have the on-the-ground, insider knowledge you need.

In partnership with Normandie-based Haras Du Ry, we can guide you through the entire process, so you can breed and produce top European sport horses with exceptional bloodlines. We can help you with the initial stages of stallion-mare pairing or manage all the way to birth.

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Taste of Europe

Are you keen to test the European riding scene – but don’t feel quite ready to relocate your own horses?

Now you can ride and compete with our top horses in Europe. We have four horses available for lease on the continent, ranging from 2* to 5* levels.

We can also design a show and training program to maximise you’re learning and exposure to international sport while you’re in Europe.

Onsite accommodation is provided, and our local team will be there to assist you throughout your stay.

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Coaching & Equine Services
Let’s Learn and Grow Together

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