Electrician Northcote

Electrician Northcote

We are proud to serve the entire Northcote community with excellent commercial and residential electrical services. Our company is known for outstanding customer service. We are not afraid to go the extra mile to take care of our customers and their needs. Our team of professionals are helpful and willing to give you the best customer experience in the area.

What is a domestic electrician?

A domestic electrician is a professional that is certified in the design and installation process of a complete lighting system in your home or residential building. A domestic electrician specializes in residential properties and making sure that you get the best results possible. We will go above and beyond to give you the home you always dreamed of by placing your lighting strategically throughout your home and outdoor areas including landscape and alfresco lighting.

Electrical Maintenance for businesses and homes in Northcote

Electrical maintenance is important for commercial and residential buildings. The maintenance is a part of your proactive solution plan to eliminate electrical emergencies from occurring. If you hire the best electrician in Northcote to complete your electrical maintenance services, you will save time and money. We strive for perfection with all the electrical services we provide, whether it is small or large?

Electrical wiring and rewiring services

Do you have time to search for a credible electrician that is fully equipped to handle commercial and residential electrical wiring and rewiring services? If you are interested in a local company that has affordable prices to match, then Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors is the right company for you! We will provide you with a fast, friendly, and outstanding electrical service on every occasion.

What is thermal imaging?

Our skilled electricians will use a specially designed infra-red camera to detect if there are any problems with circuit breakers, electrical connections, and other electrical equipment. This will help us to identify equipment that can lead to an electrical fire. It can also help if your equipment is old and you are having intermittent problems like electrical shorts and any electrical smells. You will have time to handle your issues without stress if you call our electricians in Northcote right away to handle these services. It is important not to overlook electrical issues with appliances and equipment.

Lighting installation Services

We are the leading company in commercial and residential lighting installation services in Northcote. Our team has undergone extensive training to ensure that you get maximized results with your lighting design and installation process. We can help you find the right products to fit your lighting plan and your budget.

CCTV, Security, and Alarm System Services

We are the one-stop-shop for electrical security services. You need to be aware of what is always happening at your home or business. This will ensure you have added safety precautions to keep your family, customers, and valuables safe from dangers. We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a secure, accurate, and expeditious installation service conclusion.

Home Automation and Home Theater Services

If you are ready to have the home you always hoped for, then you should check out our home automation plus audio and visual services. There are so many options that are available to fit any budget. Our team of experts can help you choose which products fit your style and budget should you need it.

Renovations and Electrical Wiring Services

If you are thinking about remodeling your home, be sure to hire a credible electrician in Northcote. We are well-known for having excellent service at affordable rates. Contact our friendly associates today and let us get your appointment scheduled. We are looking forward to assisting you with all your home’s electrical renovation needs. You will save time and money with Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors!

Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors are your go to electricians for all types of electrical work. We service clients of all types from the small maintenance job to a large volume builder. Our team of licensed electricians can tackle any job no matter the size. 

For reliable, honest, and friendly electricians, call Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors on 03 9532 0681 now. Our team is ready to service you in all areas of Melbourne.